Departmental Review Board of the Department of Occupational, Economic and Social Psychology

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The Departmental Review Board of the Department of Occupational, Economic and Social Psychology gives its opinion on the suitability of psychological research projects and research projects with personal data. It is important to note that the compliance with the data protection guidelines is the responsibility of the applicant (see the intranet for more information) and is not assessed by the Departmental Review Board.

This Departmental Review Board board does not replace the Ethics Committee of the University of Vienna. Submissions to the Departmental Review Board are particularly recommended for investigations that do not involve any risks to persons being examined (otherwise please contact the Ethics Committee of the University of Vienna), but should be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals requiring formal approval by the Departmental Review Board. Applications can be submitted at any time.

Please note that it is necessary to inform participants in advance as detailed as possible about the course of a study, to obtain their informed consent in writing and to ensure confidentiality of data collection and storage. For experimental laboratory studies, post-trial debriefing is required in most cases. A debriefing is not required if the contents of the study are self-explanatory (for example, in simple interviews or surveys). You can find a template for the explanatory letter, the declaration of consent and the debriefing below. It is not necessary to attach these documents to your application.

Applications can be submitted by members of the scientific staff of the Department of Occupational, Economic and Social Psychology, as well as students conducting research for their master's thesis within this department. Applications from employees of other institutes or from students not currently working on their thesis, trainees or student employees will not be processed. Likewise, no "post-hoc" applications are accepted (i.e. data collection already in progress or is already over).

Please note that the processing time of applications is usually four weeks. Submit applications for the start of your projects/studies at an early stage. Thank you very much.

Submitting an application

Please submit all applications through our online form. You can find more information about that here (Attention: the link will open a weblogin first).