Research and teaching

University teachers are involved in academic research and teaching as well as university administration. Teaching activities include preparing and delivering courses, supervising student research, and administering examinations. Scholarly work includes research and scholarly publishing. Employment opportunities exist at public and private universities, colleges, and research institutes.


In my work, I research financial decision-making, especially in the context of taxes. While working for the Federal Ministry of Finance, the diverse research methods of psychology have been extremely useful, as they are currently in the DIBT program at WU Vienna. The broad spectrum of knowledge and the openness to new perspectives taught in the psychology program are particularly valuable in an interdisciplinary environment at the interface between science and practice.

Maximilian Zieser (PhD student, WU,

Portrait von Maximilian Zieser. Er trägt ein hellblaues Hemd und einen Dreitagebart.

Portrait: Univ. Prof. Dr. Erik Hölzl. Er trägt einen Anzug mit roter Krawatte.

My profession combines two aspects that I find important and fulfilling: On the one hand, it gives me the opportunity to study and contribute to a better understanding of the psychological factors that influence people's economic behavior. On the other hand, it gives me the opportunity to introduce interesting and relevant topics to my students and to pass on knowledge.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Erik Hölzl (Professor of Economic and Social Psychology, University of Cologne,